About Us

Who We Are?

Ma’agalei Shema was formed by a 2018 merger between two longstanding and prominent NGOs: Shema (established 1968) and the Institute for the Advancement of Deal People (established 1993). Our mission is to advance the best possible integration of deaf and hearing impaired people into mainstream society. Our programs serve deaf and hearing impaired people ages 6-40, addressing needs at each stage of life, nurturing engagement and active involvement in Israeli society:

What Are We Doing?

  • Programing for Children and Youth
  • The After-School Social Clubs
  • Transition to Adulthood:
  • "For You: IDF and National Service Information Center"
  • The "Choosing My Path" Tour
  • The IDF Manual
  • Creating a Future: Academia and Workforce Orientation
  • The Deaf and Hearing Impaired Arab Israeli Students' Initiative
  • The Healthcare Initiative
  • The Social Services' Department
  • Special Initiativesv
  • The Sign language dictionary
  • The Young Athletes Initiative
  • The Women's Business Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • The Deaf Holocaust Survivors Initiative

Our Partners
Maagalei Shema’s programs are conducted nationwide, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services, The Ministry of Education, Municipalities and the National Insurance Institute.

Our Leadership

  • Mr. Reuven Reif, Chairman
  • Mr. Mati Tal
  • Mr. Maor Mareli
  • Mr. Miki Rot
  • Mr. Haim Schwartzbard
  • Ms. Sigi Sigmar
  • Ms. Maya Sharir
  • Mr. Uri Shalom
  • Mr. Yehonatan Steinberg
  • Mr. Avraham Bar-Ilan

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